ASG Rebrands as a Commitment to Business Transformation

ASG Rebrands as a Commitment to Business Transformation

ASG Rebrands as a Commitment to Business Transformation 1440 428 ASG

Retail can serve a higher need, a greater purpose. At Asset Strategies Group (ASG) we believe connection is that purpose. It’s why we’re here. We are rebranding to show our strength in the power of connection, rebranding to show that connection can lead to purpose, rebranding to find true meaning. We believe a more connected world empowers change across clients, consumers, and communities. We embrace a bold curiosity and willingness to explore new ideas and pathways and a comfort for pushing boundaries as a catalyst for progress.

“The retail industry is changing so rapidly, and it was important for us to not only to embrace the change but demonstrate an evolved approach to creating a foundational future for retailers. We built this company from the inside out based on our love for retail. The rebrand provides us an opportunity to accurately represent our vision and mission through a cross-discipline ecosystem of expertise.” – Carrie Barclay, President

Logo Design

The infinity mark represents the connections at the heart of ASG. It is a symbol of weaving together. It is a symbol that reflects a number greater than the whole. It is continuously moving, as it is dynamic, relational, and boundless. It is always changing but in balance, stable.


Our new website works to expand on the new identity and better highlight the people, processes, and impact around our work. We use bold color highlights as vibrant counterbalance to the clean, simple structure of the site.

Brand Palatte

Steel gray pays homage to the brand’s stability as an industry leader for over 25 years, while a vivid reflex blue evokes the energy and optimism of a future-forward outlook. Together, the two primary colors represent a harmony of real-world practicality and possibility. Secondary brand colors, including magenta and red, support a vibrant visual energy and creative passion that drives the brand’s momentum.

“Our new branding reflects our connected services and represents our next stage of growth: delivering holistic real estate and design solutions for our retail customers.”- Steve Morris, Founder & CEO

Thank you to the team at Sketch Blue for their work helping us create this new identity.

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