Livestream Retail for the Win

Livestream Retail for the Win

Livestream Retail for the Win 1440 428 ASG

Bloomingdale’s hosted livestream retail events throughout the pandemic, inviting customers to join them on Zoom calls and learn about the latest footwear and fashion trends. Customers were treated to special opportunities to buy merchandise and were incentivized to do so. Post-pandemic, livestream is becoming a more viable option for brands to reach their customers – not to replace the brick-and-mortar experience but to have yet another way to connect. 

At the end of the day, your retail success relies on your ability to connect with your customers. Every channel through which you can connect to your customers is part of your overall retail footprint. Not only is livestream retail a data-rich environment that can help you learn more about your customers, but it is an opportunity to create a unique experience that will keep them connected to your brand. 

SG Deals with Physical Retail Locations – Why Talk Livestream?

ASG does bring location and design expertise to retail. But part of understanding where and how to design and locate stores means understanding all of the paths through which a brand attracts and retains customers, and how virtual experiences impact the in-store experience. So, looking at ecommerce, in-app, and livestream retail is part of having a comprehensive understanding of the entire retail footprint for a brand. As retailers redefine their relationships with their consumers, brick and mortar becomes only one piece of a larger puzzle. 

“Each brand has their interpretation of ‘community’ and what it means to them, which is why we’re seeing new ways to approach community focused experiences. Whether it’s global, digital, or hyper-local, there’s a place for everyone to feel special.” – Chute Gerdeman

What’s the Difference Between Livestream Shopping and QVC?

QVC and other TV shopping channels were precursors to livestream retail. Livestream is much more powerful, in that individual brands and retailers can directly connect with customers on a more personal level – and your customers don’t need to be in front of a TV. They can be watching videos on TikTok or scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. Purchases can be made on the spot, to be delivered or picked up. Walmart recently partnered with TikTok; Facebook and Instagram have both begun rolling out live shopping. 

How to Break into Livestream Retail

Digiday suggests beginning by connecting to influencers and micro-influencers: “To engage with audiences that want livestream shopping and social commerce as part of their consumer journey, brands are building out strategies and partnering with influencers that already have the audiences in order to widen their reach.”

Make sure you can be found by your customers where, how, and when they want to shop. Livestream is just another way to do that. Retail is going to continue changing; to connect with customers at every point on their journeys, traditional brands and retailers will need to remain flexible and willing to meet customers where they are.

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