Redefining Flagship Retail

Redefining Flagship Retail

Redefining Flagship Retail 1440 428 ASG

Flagship retail stores have historically been the beacon of a brand—an iconic entity with grandiose energy. But as we continue to rethink retail in today’s ever-changing and quickly evolving environment, it presents the opportunity to reevaluate the flagship experience and our approach to store design.

If you think about the essence of a flagship store, it has meant something larger-than-life, experiential, immersive, or even exclusive. Often, we relate this to store sizes like Krispy Kreme in Times Square, Hermès in Paris, Nike in New York, or the glass cube at Apple Fifth Avenue. When you strip away the square footage, it really implies a “special experience,” either with an exclusive, localized product (The Big Apple Doughnut), personalized service, or unique offerings associated with geography. So, if we can let go of this perception of flagship relating primarily to size and connect it more to the unique experience – then we get to the heart of what flagship retail means.

From High Streets to Side Streets

Retail succeeds when it responds to consumer needs, and today’s consumers want to stay closer to home when they shop. They want to be catered to and want anything but homogeny. Gone are the days of being inside any mall in America and finding the same set of stores. Consumers want something that reflects the energy of their neighborhood.

“Consumers want and crave variety, diversity, and choice. You can maintain a national footprint and effectively leverage regional and localized design. Bringing these strategies to scale can be a differentiator for retailers who want to thrive, not just survive.”
– Carrie Barclay, President, ASG

The importance of diverging from homogenized retail is one of the key factors in retail design success today. Consumers have gained a new appreciation of home since the start of the pandemic. Similarly, when retailers begin to understand their own unique importance in the local community, they then become part of the social fabric of the community.

Embracing the Flagship Experience at Scale

Now is the time to refocus the meaning of flagship retail to symbolize a unique and localized experience for the consumer. In other words, we believe that the flagship experience shouldn’t be limited to just the launch of a design as it appears in Times Square, but it can also be a thoughtful, customized, and unique design in every neighborhood.

Your brick-and-mortar locations are not just transactional. They are valuable opportunities to connect with your customers and showcase your brand, values, and commitment. Every store design is an opportunity to provide local customers with an integrated, immersive, and unique experience with your brand.

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