A Multi-Market Way Forward

It’s a new day and age for the Rent-A-Center brand. With a passion for improving lives in communities everywhere, and an initiative to launch in markets that range from familiar to unfamiliar, it was time for a partner to enter the conversation. RAC reached out to ASG to help develop and build new concepts that can scale easily across urban and suburban environments.

Empowering Customers Across Communities

Looking for a modern and energized redesign, we pushed the RAC brand to think differently early in the concept work sessions. From Day One, technology would be a key asset to the new RAC experience, with multiple implementations, including endless aisle experience and education as a key ways to shop.

Urban and suburban designs, while they’re essential to retail portfolios, aren’t easy to blend. We drafted showrooms for multiple spaces that help the RAC team optimize their square footage, allowing for versatility across markets. We developed plans and customer journeys that adapt quickly to any size, giving the real estate team flexibility to fit in communities where solutions were previously limited. Specifically, the NYC (600 sq. ft.) & Riverdale (over 2,500 sq. ft.) locations are vastly different.

Knowing that the NYC location is limited in showroom space, we had to get creative with our fixture planning and overall layout by smartly embracing digital. It’s crucial for each RAC to empower and educate consumers, which is why the showroom plans and layouts operate in a similar ethos to deliver quality and build trust with customers.

Function, Form, & Flexibility

In the past, RAC struggled with inventory and stock, which we can gladly say is a problem of the past. By thoughtfully leveraging tech and developing creative displays, the showroom effectively serves as the store’s inventory, and it does so with style.

Through quick bidding of vendors and effective price monitoring tactics, we built the NYC and Riverdale spaces with in-house design. We also introduced new vendors into the RAC family and increased project lead times as well as supply chain efficiencies.


“ASGCG helped us wrap our heads around this amazing,
radical change for the RAC experience…from day one
everyone was invested.”

– Anthony Blasquez, EVP, Rent-A-Center

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