Welcoming Wellness

Green Growth was developing a new brand concept to introduce in a small format while also introducing products in new markets. Partnering with ASG, together we began a journey to redefine CBD in retail.

Versatility in Design

The vision for this experience was scale. Understanding the necessity for a versatile, flexible design, our Store Planning & Construction team created a space that highlights the product while keeping the integrity and energy of the brand. Entering a new market, it was important to incorporate space for guests to educate themselves on the product. Simple and effective shelf communication paired well with a brand representative on site. Light wood tones and warm lighting created an approachable space where guests felt welcome to freely browse.

Nationwide Kiosks

Green Growth launched a nationwide rollout of this experience concept and continues to ask for consultation on new brand kiosks.

We continue to work with Tonal to open new stores, even in the wake of a pandemic, showing that their consumers are comfortable turning to them for the best experience and a desire to return to normalcy.

Tonal opened double the stand-alone stores in just six months, with plans to continue building more across the United States.


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